Velvet Desert Oud Alternative Perfume Inspired Fragrance For Men And Women Eau De Parfum

Velvet Desert Oud (Inspired) - Sahara Oud

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Like a fragrant breeze blowing through the dunes of Middle Eastern deserts, Velvet Desert Oud floods the senses, permeating so quickly and so powerfully that the chase ultimately becomes an unconditional and comforting conquest.

The fragrance opens on a heady wave of incense, almost as if to forewarn: incense is the quintessential perfume of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern lands, intoxicating, permeating and seducing, with no hesitations. A call to action heralding the rich smoky tones of the dark wood and mysterious deep ambery notes that follow.

Perception dissolves in the final celebration of the soft musky notes, leaving the hot, heady aroma of a successful conquest lingering on the skin.

Presented in a suitably 50ml opulent glass bottle.