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Oud Sharqia By Ard al Zaafaran Bakhoor


Oud Sharqia Bakoor is filled in an exclusive, depicting strength of this lingering scent, Oudh which yields earthy, woody notes from Ard al Zaafran is composed of the premium quality with modern developments and comes in an elegant bottle and a beautiful outer box. Oud Sharqia is an Oriental fragrance for women and men It is a classic oud Bakoor with light floral musk and sweet woody notes. Oud Sharqia is a newly added Incense fragrance offering strong aroma by Ard al Zaafaran. The top notes reveal rich cinnamon, nutmeg and agarwood oud. Middle notes are filled with warm sandalwood and jasmine aromas. The base reveals sweetish notes of musk, vanilla, guaiac wood and amber. It offers fragrance lovers delicately nice divine aroma and could be an ideal gift Burning Time: If using traditionally on charcoal - Take a piece of charcoal.

How to use: Take a piece of coal and heat a corner of it with a small flame with a lighter or cooker until it becomes hot (be careful not to burn yourself - Handle with metal tongs or similar instruments). Place the hot piece of coal in a bhakoor stand/ incense burner or a suitable metal dish. Wait for 2 minutes and sprinkle small amount of the Oudh pieces from the tub on top of the coal.

Bukhoor (Arabic: بخور‎), or Bakhoor, is the Arabic name given to woodchips/ bricks soaked in fragrant oils These scented woodchips/bricks are burned in incense burners to perfume the home and clothing with a rich thick smoke. This is used specifically on special occasions like weddings or generally just to perfume the house. The bukhoor is usually burned in a traditional incense burner (censer) also known as Bakhoor Burner.