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Guc Oud Oil

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Our fragrances are made using the finest of oil concentrates which give them the very best & closeness in smells in comparison alcohol free, with the end result in not just smelling absolutely great but also lasting long.

Take a voyage of discovery into the unknown with Guc 'Oud', a new unisex fragrance that is glamorous, opulent and mysterious. Created for true connoisseurs, Guc 'Oud' is a powerfully seductive scent derived from eastern ingredients that perfectly encapsulate. The intensely rich fragrance is created with a unique source of 'Oud' that is 100% natural.

Notes of pear, raspberry and saffron, yield to the opulent flowers of Bulgarian rose and orange flower. Patchouli and the infusion of amber musk enhance the deep sensuality of the 'Oud' at the core. Both men and women can embody the spirit of true luxury with the glamorous, rich and exotic infused scent of Guc 'Oud'.